I am Emilia and I’m glad you are here!

I’m a wonderer, wanderer and children’s book illustrator.

I share my life between the Netherlands and Poland. I’ve worked so far for talented authors from Europe, United States and India. I loved their amazing stories and appreciated how warm and kind they are.

How did I become an illustrator?

The sum of my experiences during the last 10 years helped me to understand my vocation and my career has come full circle. In 2011, as a young girl, I illustrated books for two local authors. I had no experience in the professional world and drawing was just one of my most intense interests, but I had the idea that ‘real work’ is not about joy, but rather about sweat. After having spent a long time in jobs unrelated to art, I’m back to what I’ve loved the most! I settled down as an illustrator. I’ve only exchanged watercolors, brushes and colored pencils for digital tools.

Two specializations: Pre-School and Art Education which I obtained at the faculty of Pedagogy, without doubt help me understand children’s world better.

I’ve always been attracted to visual aspects of the world. As an amateur photographer, I developed the ability to see beauty and potential in everything which surrounds me.
I’m inspired by nature, light, colors, shapes and art pieces of fellow, contemporary illustrators.


Why illustration for children?

I love drawing magical characters and places. The little girl in me is pretty sure that magic, mermaids, dwarfs, fairies and elves exist so that the adult in me, could show to others these imaginary worlds.

If you have any questions, I’d be happy to answer them.



Let’s create amazing content for children!



Where can you find me?

For any questions and offers of collaboration, please, contact me at info@emiatwork.com

For more of my illustrations, visit my Instagram (@coloremiart) 


How do I work?

I’m open for both – freedom in creation and following your suggestions.
Usually, I provide 2-3 sketches of the same illustration and after revision, I apply modifications. If the sketch is accepted, it is time for coloring and next revisions.
I believe that only thanks to good relations, communication and attentiveness, I can provide the best service.

I work digitally. It allows quick modifications and more revisions than traditional art.